Beo Da Silva was born in Brazil in the city of Pernambuco. She starts her career as an actress and then she drifts to circus performance. She’s been to Europe, Australia, and USA, Canada in artistic collaborations, events and venues, galleries, amongst others. She participated in touring productions of cirque du soleil, circus Roncalli, Wintergarten, Friedrichbau and Apollo Varieté, Pomp Duck and Circumstance, Palazzo. In her work she combines different skills and dialogues with the public in any given situation. She introduced a new language into the aerial acrobatic world: the “Singing in Silk”, that has inspired many artists into a new category of circus performance.
Delicate and yet intense, her work tends to seduce the spectator in a shared experience with her spontaneous presence and vibrating voice. Beo navigates from Cabaret staged work to urban interventions, arts galleries, theatre and musicals.

. Full Vitae

(a) Education
Graduated in BA Theater at the University of Rio de Janeiro (1995)
National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro (1996)
Centre de recherché Aérien – Les Gens D’R in Montreal (1997)
AHAB – Akademie in Berlin (2014)
“Methodologie Créative” - Fédération Suisse des Ecoles de Cirque
Lausanne (2014)

(b) Conference
CARD2 – Circus on the Edge, UNIARTS, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden
We Waste Project – Cena Brasil Internacional , Rio de Janeiro (2012)

(c) Works

. Book
Era Uma Vez EU!
Creation: Beo Da Silva – Mauricio Carneiro
Publishing House – Abril, São Paulo (2014)

. Coaching
L’Elastique Citrique, Nyon Switzerland (2014-2016)
C’est Le Cirque, Bercher Switzerland (2016)
Ecole Chantemerle, Blonay Switzerland (2016)
Ecole de Cirque de Lausanne, Lausanne Switzerland (2014)
CCBB (Centro Cultural Banco Do Brasil) Residency Workshop, Rio de Janeiro Brazil (2012)
Friedrichstadtpalast, Berlin Germany (2010)
Zirkus Cabuwatzi, Berlin Germany (2010-2009)
Le Cirque Du Monde Cirque Du Soleil, Vancouver, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro, Recife (1995)
Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha, Rio de Janeiro (1994)

. Artistic Direction, Chorégraphie
Indiviesible – Dance- trapeze, Contortion (2016)
Cerceau Aérien - ECL – 3ème Prix Festival de Cirque de Confignon (2014)
Corpo Lixo Da Alma – Cena Brasil Internacional, CCBB Rio de Janeiro (2012)
Riverhouse Gallery – Installation We Waste Project, Surrey England (2010)
Market State Project – London (2010)

. Performance
Corpo Lixo da Alma – CCBB, Rio de Janeiro (2012)
We Waste Project – Market Estate Project, London (2010)
Mein Schiff - Baltic Sea (2009)
Tanz im August – Sommer.Bar - Berlin (2008)
Friedrichbau Varieté – Stuttgart (2008)
Palazzo Witzigman – Frankfurt (2004/05)
Savoy Dance Orquestra – Braunschweig (2004)
Friedrichbau Varieté – Stuttgart (2004)
Palazzo – Wien (2003)
Wintergarten Varieté – Berlin (2003)
Cirque Du Soleil – Solstrom, Montréal (2003)
Zircus Roncalli – Panem et Circenses (2002)
Apollo Varieté – Düsseldorf (2002)
Pomp Duck and Circunstance – Berlin (2001)
Apollo Varieté – Savoy Dance Orquestra - Düsseldorf – (2001)
Pomp duck and Circusntance – Frankfurt (2001)
Wintergarten Varieté – Berlin (2000)
Pomp Duck and Circunstance – München (2000)
Cirque Du Soleil – La Nouba - Orlando / USA (1997/1999)
Wintergarten Varieté – Berlin (1997)
Melboune Arts Festival – Melboune, Australia (1997)
30th Annual Country Music Award – Nashville, USA (1996)
Les Gens D’R – Montreal, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte (1996/95)
Atrupelados – Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Londrina, Belo Horizonte (1994/95)